Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning are like a gift from heaven during the hot, muggy, lazy days of summer. There is nothing more pleasing to the hot, tired soul than to come in from the heat and feel that cooling sensation against moist and sweaty skin.

The most frustrating moment is when I started to realize that the air was getting warmer while the air conditioner was humming away. At first I thought that soon the air would start, cooling down once that machine realized that I was psychic and had willed it to work properly. I spoke to it, I begged it, and I demanded it to work. Apparently, I was not very persuasive or it was just being cantankerous.

Probably the biggest mistake I made was to inform my husband that the air conditioner had a serious problem. My husband fancied himself a jack-of-all-trades and with a little smile, he said, “I’ll fix it!” Out the door, he went brandishing his screwdriver and a little bag of various wrenches he had bought a year ago and needed an excuse to use them. I sighed, knowing that this was going to end badly.

After several hours of hubby yelling to bring him this tool or that tool, I snapped. “Do you really know what you’re doing” my tone not friendly. “I’m going to call someone who knows air conditioning repair.”

He vetoed my idea, explaining that he knew what he is doing and that he would have to run down to the local hardware store to get a part. I envisioned piles of money sprouting wings, flying off into the sunset.

While he was out shopping, I grabbed the yellow pages and began looking for a good HVAC technician who specializing in air conditioning repair Phoenix. I was leery of going the DIY route when it came to electrical matters, especially when it came to my air conditioner. It could turn into a very expensive endeavor if we did not know what we are doing. The fact is that we would cause more damage to the air conditioner. I felt much safer knowing that a professional would get my air condi5815_smtioner up in no time.

I called the repairperson and explained what the air conditioner is doing. I liked that fact that he seemed to know what might be the problem. He would be out in a couple of hours. My husband arrived home shortly with new wrenches and a brand new charger for his phone, but no part. He seemed crestfallen when I informed him that I had called in the cavalry.

“Could you fix that leaky sink in the bathroom?” I asked sweetly, he looked so sad with all those new wrenches and he could put them to good use. I settled into the recliner, knowing that my AC person had found the problem and that my jack-of-all trades were going to fix that annoying leak. “Hey, I’m going to get a new part, be back!” He yelled. I closed my eyes and shook my head. I heard a small click and soon my sweet air conditioner was streaming cool air once again. I picked up my phone and put the HVAC Company on my speed dial.